Chronic Pain

When you attend physical therapy for chronic pain, you may experience various treatments that may be used to decrease pain, improve your mobility, and help you fully function.

how we help

Restore and enhance your strength, mobility, function to deliver optimal quality of Life through education, empowerment and physiotherapy interventions.

How we treat chronic pain ?

At Re-active we see physiotherapy as a way to treat sports injuries. A dilemma usually faced by the person is whether the something that’s nagging in the body is an injury or it’s just chronic pain causes . We specialise in treating injuries in joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles & nerves. While performing any activity an injury might occur by twisting the ankle, or a blow to the hand or a normal snitch in the run.

Our Physiotherapists  will look into your past injuries and advise the best possible treatment. Our expert physiotherapist ensures appropriate treatment to the injury, improving the movement and providing proper rehabilitation to get back on the field in the least possible time.

We help patients through manual therapy, exercise rehab & therapy. We ensure that injuries don’t stop you from going on to the field and enjoying playing the sports that you love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my chronic pain just a natural symptom of aging?

Living with chronic pain can be debilitating and limiting your quality of life. Chronic pain is often thought to be a natural part of aging which is myth and it can be a result of ongoing biomechanical dysfunction. We can provide a variety of Physiotherapy interventions to treat such symptoms at Re+active.

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Why choose us

Get Back to Your Life

Our rehabilitation services use the latest advances in technology and focus on healthy recovery for our patients.

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Our center has an around the clock connectivity in case of any queries or consultancy.
Therapists on an emergency basis as well as a help center are always open for you.

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Re-active is a group of experts from top to bottom, so the quality of rehab a patient can expect from is always delivered. We believe quality rehab leads to quality living.