Concussion Management in Sylvan Lake

Proactive Interventions for Concussion Management and a Healthy Brain

Concussions are known to be traumatic brain injuries, and without proper care, even sustaining a minor concussion may impair normal brain capabilities and functions. Research has shown concussion is a type of brain injury that is by no means minor. Hence, every brain concussion suspected should be considered seriously. Sportspersons, kids, or any commoner should never be hit directly to the head, which may cause injury to the brain. 

A concussion is formed due to the hit force transmitted into the head, which causes the brain to bounce or twist within the skull. Once a concussion results, the brain may stay vulnerable to sustaining a further injury and stay sensitive to any stress until it fully recovers. It might not be possible to completely avoid head injuries, but proper concussion management can limit further head injuries and hasten the healing process. Here are some steps to take for concussion management:

  • Take Physical and cognitive rest

If you have suffered any kind of concussion, it’s best to take cognitive and physical rest as the first step for Concussion Management in Sylvan Lake. You can see a physician if you feel easily stressed. Avoid any activities which require your conscious attention and concentration, like texting, homework, watching television, playing video games, using a computer, etc. Moreover, avoid any physical activities that may exacerbate symptoms, like household chores, aerobic exercise, lifting weights, etc. 

  • Medication and lifestyle intervention

Suppose your physician recommends, as per their evaluation, you may take medication for alleviating specific symptoms. However, you also need to commit to some lifestyle changes for Concussion Management. It’s best to not drive a car or any vehicle, wear sunglasses for photophobia or earplugs and noise-canceling headphones for phonophobia and avoid over-stimulating environments, crowds, etc. 

  • Engage in light cognitive activities

If you don’t experience any symptoms, you can engage in light cognitive activities and return to non-contact activities. The concussion management in Sylvan Lake should include post-injury evaluation from the physician.

  • Start removing restrictions slowly

In the next step, start with removing restrictions slowly and return to work and school first for a half-day stay for a few days. Keep on lifting one restriction at a time with your concussion management if no symptoms occur. Once your physician permits a full return to work or school, obtain the clearance and get back to your normal daily life. 

Once you feel no concussion symptoms, get some professional evaluation before fully returning to work, school, or training. However, keeping physical and cognitive activities in a gentler range is best if you have sustained a severe concussion as long as you can until you get fully involved in your normal daily activities, according to your physician.