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Treatment & Therapy forms an integral part of our approach to treating the whole body, not just a complaint in isolation. This service is fundamental to ensuring our patients’ long-term health and wellness.

how we help

Restore and enhance your strength, mobility, function to deliver optimal quality of Life through education, empowerment and physiotherapy interventions.

Ensuring your long term wellness

With Re-active, MVA patients don’t have to wait or waste time in getting rehab. A group of highly qualified professionals assess the body of the patient for all kinds of injury, that includes Muscle tears and Tendinitis, Whiplash Or neck Pain, Chronic Headaches, Lower Back Pain, Concussion, Ligament injury or fractures. These injuries might prove to be fatal in the longer run.

An effective treatment plan is laid out for the patient that includes healing through different forms of exercises. Exercises to leverage over the flexibility and mobility of the muscles. Our expert physiotherapist will lay out the best possible plan for your injury rehab and ensure you with proper treatment.

With Re-active, you get frequent massage and physio therapy that will let you do the things you love in a short amount of time. As it is very important for a patient to attend these sessions regularly to get over these injuries.

Choose the best Physiotherapy Center in your community Why choose us

Why choose us

Get Back to Your Life

Our rehabilitation services use the latest advances in technology and focus on healthy recovery for our patients.

24/7 Availability

Our center has an around the clock connectivity in case of any queries or consultancy.
Therapists on an emergency basis as well as a help center are always open for you.

Excellent Quality of Life

Re-active is a group of experts from top to bottom, so the quality of rehab a patient can expect from is always delivered. We believe quality rehab leads to quality living.