Pre-And Post-Surgery Physical Therapy

A new study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine states they found was patients who had physical therapy before surgery had much better outcomes after surgery than patients who only had PT after surgery.

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How we treat Pre-And Post-Surgery Physical Therapy ?

Under this program our physiotherapists prepare you for the exercises that you will need to perform before and after your surgery. These prior physical activities will help the patient to cope up with the pain or stiffness that they will go through after the surgery. Improving your strength and moment of the body part before surgery can help out to be beneficial after surgery.

Pre-And Post-Surgery Physical Therapy is recommended post surgery to help you get back to a safe and easy movement. This provides an easy transition into daily activities, with a plan to minimise the adverse effect that a person might face. Improving mobility post surgery is the main target of our therapy. It will lead you to better, flexible and mobile joints post any surgery. It’s very important that you enroll for the post surgery therapy as it can reduce the pain and swelling as well as the healing for the injury.

Our physiotherapists work very closely with patients to bring the desired mobility in the body part without inflammation or adverse effects. So our pre-surgery therapy will prepare you for the surgery, while post therapy will help you to get the same functionality as before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you see a Physiotherapist pre and post surgery?
  • Physiotherapists are well placed to educate and advise you about the procedure, the effects it will have on you, and what you can do to maximise the outcome. You can perform targeted and specific exercises before your surgery with the help of a physiotherapist.
  • In the aftermath of surgery, orthopaedic surgeons most often recommend physiotherapy. There are specific rehab protocols designed based on evidence for most of the post surgical conditions. The benefits of physiotherapy include decreased pain, stronger muscles, and improved functioning. Reach out to us today to begin your rehab protocol.

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