Pelvic Floor Health

Canada’s women’s health care has dramatically transformed in the past three or four decades.There is no doubt that current services are far more comprehensive than those available during our grandmother’s time, but it’s easy to forget that they weren’t available then. Physiotherapists specializing in pelvic floor health now play a crucial role in women’s health. It can be essential to help women stay fit and healthy after childbirth or during their lifetime, particularly around menopause. It is necessary to improve the overall quality of life for women.

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Restore and enhance your strength, mobility, function to deliver optimal quality of Life through education, empowerment and physiotherapy interventions.

So, how does a pelvic floor physiotherapist help you?

A pelvic floor physiotherapist specializes in rehabilitating women’s pelvic floor muscles. A woman’s muscles can be weakened during pregnancy, birth, surgery, heavy lifting, being overweight, constipation, and menopause. Pelvic floor muscles connect the pubic bone in the front to the tailbone in the back, supporting the womb (uterus), bladder, and bowel (colon). An imbalanced muscle group can result in prolapse or incontinence (leakage) of the bladder or bowel.

Some women have overactive pelvic floor muscles; they can turn on involuntarily when they should relax which can cause painful intercourse, painful urination and various other pelvic floor pain conditions.

There is a need for these women to learn how to release their muscles. It is essential to know that overactivity can make it difficult to have sex, empty the bladder, or use tampons. A physiotherapist helps a person increase mobility and strength by teaching gentle stretches and exercises. Pelvic floor physiotherapists specialize in strengthening or rehabilitating pelvic floor muscles.

Finding out what to do

Do your research before visiting a professional. Ask a trusted health professional for recommendations if you want someone to consult. At your first consultation, find out more about their experience and interests. Before undergoing treatment, a good practitioner will gladly answer any questions you may have. Contact Prajakta, our Pelvic Health Therapist at Re+Active Physiotherapy to learn more!

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