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Chronic Pain: Understanding Causes

Having any kind of pain which has a long-lasting impact is one of the bad experiences for people. Chronic pain is one such experience that usually last months or even years. And because the pain lasts for longer, people having chronic pain may also have low self-esteem, depression, and anger issues. Sometimes these emotions and actions make the pain even worse and may interfere with your daily activities. If you are the one dealing with chronic pain, it’s high time to take it seriously and not ignore it for longer. 

This article discusses the major chronic pain causes and their treatment for a better understanding. Let’s get started!

Causes of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is usually caused by an old injury or infection or by any specific disease. Sometimes there is no known cause for the pain.

Conditions that cause chronic pain include:

Headaches or migraines
Previous surgery
Nerve damage

Treatment for Chronic Pain

Treatment ranges from several traditional medications to some complementary therapies.

Painkillers also called analgesic medications, are generally used to lessen chronic pain.
Corticosteroids reduce bone cancer pain, and anticonvulsant medications relieve the pain of damaged nerves.
Other medications include- Acetaminophen, Opioids (also referred to as narcotics), such as morphine and codeine, to reduce these types of pain.

Therapies for Chronic Pain

Physical therapy: Stretching and activities to strengthen muscles.
Low-impact exercise: Walking, swimming, or biking.
Occupational therapy: This helps you reduce your pain or avoid reinjuring yourself.
Behavioral therapy: Meditation, tai chi, or yoga.

Living with chronic pain can be a very difficult thing. It is essential to take care of yourself. If you want expert assistance, book your appointment with us. Here, you will get various treatments that will decrease pain, improve your mobility, and help you enhance your physical strength.